Friday, October 26, 2012

New Writer's Week: Tilly Greene

The Dirty Details of Being a Writer
by Tilly Greene

Have you ever heard a writer complain about being tied to their desk for days without food or water?  Or how they’re working so hard they’re living in their pj’s for weeks?  What about making you cry for them upon hearing how terrible the deadlines they face are?

Well, here’s the truth:  it’s all true and also all lies.

Don’t get me wrong, writing is rough.  We fight through plot blocks and glittering diversions at the same time as trying to put out three meals a day, the laundry and cleaning.  By the time we turn off the computer, we’re happy getting a few thousand words and positively ecstatic if it’s even more.

Okay, so it’s all a bit melodramatic, I’m sorry to go there and I promise, no more.

In all honesty, writing is very hard and yet rewarding and I am lucky to have it as my job.  I look forward to going to work every day and not many people can say that with a straight face.  There are so few jobs that allow a person to let their creative side free reign.

So how does the magic happen?  How does someone get the book they’ve had spinning around in their head for years finally written down and ready to submit to a publisher?  Oh, I think now is a good time to tell you that the writing is actually the easiest part of getting your book published, the hard stuff comes letter with the various rounds of self-editing before it ever hits the submission, editing and promoting stages.

Since I’ve burst your bubbles, are you ready for the good stuff, the biggest secret of all when it comes to publishing?  I swear, no more holding back.  I’m going to do the Oz thing, pull the curtain down and tell you the hidden secret is called BiC or Butt in Chair.

That’s right, absolutely nothing, NOTHING, gets done until you physically sit down, turn on the computer and start typing.  If you need help stepping into the writer’s zone, then here are a few hints of how to get started.

·    Pick a word and write five hundred words using it as the title, inspiration or plot.
·    Set aside thirty minutes and write, without stopping, whatever comes to your mind.
·    Choose a painting and write five hundred words writing what it depicts.
·    Flick through a magazine, find a photograph and create a plot involving the people, then write the first sentence of their story.
·    Watch a movie and write five hundred words involving one of the characters, but in a totally different genre than what they were in.

30 minutes, five hundred words, one sentence … I hear you:  why the limits?  Well, since we’re getting real here then I’ll tell you that the dirty side of writing is the existence of actual limits.  There are chapter and book lengths, strict timelines to follow and often a third person stating what they want you to write.

Don’t go putting a crown on your manuscript yet, you need to roll up your sleeves and put in the hard labor before you get to the good stuff - your release day!

So, there you go, a few tools to get you writing.  Now, unlock your imagination and write, write, write!

Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.


LEATHER BRIDE by Tilly Greene
Contemporary Erotic Romance + Fetish, Exhibitionism and Bondage

Coming soon from Ellora’s Cave

There are two things on Mimi’s mind—her lover Rick, and how he’s finally given in and bound her. Everything is wonderful until a mysterious trip calls him away.

Mimi tries to back out of walking the runway at the Safe, Sane and Consensually Wild fashion show, where she and her lover were set to model leather goods. She’s the muse behind the collection and the designer, her friend, won’t hear of her not modeling.

A misunderstanding threatens to tear them apart, but a fashion show could bring Mimi and Rick closer together.


  1. Thank you so much for having me this week, Elise ... it was a fun blog to write and remind myself :-)